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ViperBots mission is to provide students with opportunities to add depth to their learning through problem solving, teamwork, and skill building.

Gracious Professionalism

Ductos Exemplo, a Marine Corps principle meaning “lead by example,” inspires us to display self-reliance and actively help other robotics teams in our school and community. ViperBots Stryke as a whole seeks to embody knowledge, respect, and empathy in all of its actions.

Community Outreach

ViperBots sets a high standard for gracious professionalism by teaming up with local middle schools’ First Lego Leagues. We understand the importance of cultivating a strong interest in science and technology among young minds. Stryke members reach out to the feeder elementary and middle schools to provide technical support, guidance, and encouragement.



Autonomous Generator v1.2

Adam Busch

FTC6210 Source Code

Software Team

To be added..

Our Amazing Team

individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.

Rachel Williams

Project Manager

James Hofstadler

Assistant Project Manager

Victor Le

Hardware Lead

Adam Busch

Software Lead

Kelli Steward

Marketing Lead

Jakob Tan

CAD Lead

Taehyoung Kim


Ryan Tamez


Caitlyn Clark


Charlie Stevens


Torin Maguire


Isabel Morring


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